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How to use the Fee calculator

ecal is very easy to use, with context-sensitive help and error handling.

The software runs on the web server: you don't have to download nor install anything on your PC. A modern web browser and an internet connection is everything you need to use the Fee calculator.

Platform selection
Select your preferred eBay platform from the Fee Calculator drop-down list in the website header menu bar, click on it then wait for the listing data entry form to load completely.

Selling format selection
Choose beetween Auction style and Buy it now.
The currently selected format is highlighted with a darker color. If you want to change it, click on the corresponding tab link and wait for page reload.

Fee calculator's listing data entry form

Fill the online form with your listing data (item price, selling options and more). Some fields are requiered, other are optional.
It is important to select the right Category and Store Level from the drop down list: there is a different fee structure for each one.

Context-sensitive help

Context-sensitive help will pop-up by clicking on the small question marks ? when available.

Fees breakdown and profit/loss figure
When you have finished entering your listing's data, click on the Calculate button.
Within seconds, ecal will show a breakdown of all costs and revenues for each of these three scenarios:

1) Item sold for expected final price (best case)
2) Item sold for lowest price possible (starting or reserve price)
3) Item unsold

The results are grouped into color-coded tables. From the results page you can return to the entry form to edit the current simulation data (Edit current values button) or simulate a new listing/sale (New Simulation button).

Compare different scenarios

The Compare button pops-up a table in which the main data of the current simulation is stored. Doing this for two of more simulations allows you to easily and quickly compare different scenarios.

To recall a recent simulation you can use the History feature of eCal.


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If you have questions, comments or suggestions about ecal, please contact the Webmaster through the Contact Form.

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