eBay Fee Calculator's Help

Net Price
Desired net selling price (without eBay and PayPal fees).
ecal will calculate the Starting price or Reserve price you should set in order to achieve at least the Net price specified in this field.
Shipping & Handling is not included in the Net price, but should be entered in the appropriate field.
In case of multiple (dutch) auctions, please enter the Net price of a single item, not of the entire lot.

Shipping & Handling
Shipping and Handling charged to the buyer.

Number of items in Multiple Items Auctions (Dutch Auctions).

Net Buy It Now Price
Desired net Buy It Now price (without eBay and PayPal fees).

Other Costs
This part of the form is useful for profit/loss calculation, but it doesn't have any influence over eBay and PayPal fees.
In case of multiple (dutch) auctions, please enter the costs for a single item (total for all items will be calculated by ecal).
All values must be VAT inclusive.
You may leave these fields blank or disable profit/loss calculation in the calculator's Options if you don't need it.

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