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Free eBay & PayPal fee calculator

Up-to-date with the latest eBay Fees (October 2016)

ecal is a free web tool which can estimate eBay and PayPal fees in detail.
Easy to use, accurate and completely free, it has been designed to help the occasional eBay seller as well as the business owner who sells on eBay regularly.

Calculate profit after fees

After selling an item on eBay, enter basic or detailed data about your eBay listing (category, selling format, starting price, final value, listing upgrades, PayPal options etc...) and then get a full eBay & Paypal fees breakdown and profit/loss figure after fees and other expenses (wholesale item cost, shipping cost).

Estimate every cost before listing an item

It is important to know in advance how much you are going to be charged when you list items on eBay, both if your items sell successfully or not. You can try different scenarios to find the best one, exclude expensive and unnecessary selling options, take into account shipping and packaging costs (especially for low-priced items) and more.

Save money on eBay fees

The eCal Fee calculator will show hints, based upon you listing's data, about how to save money on eBay fees. Try it.

Fix an adequate retail price

You can use the Reverse (or break-even) fee calculator to set the price for an eBay item starting from a desired net price (after fees).
The Reverse fee calculator is a unique yet easy to use feature of eCal, essential for Dropship sellers and eBay Trading Assistants, and still very useful for anyone who doesn't want to sell an item for less than a set price/profit.
It is easier to try out than to explain: choose your preferred eBay platfom then click on the Switch to Reverse Calculator tab link in the upper-right corner of the fee calculator's data entry form. Contextual help is available by clicking on the small question marks inside the form.


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You should familiarize yourself with eBay and PayPal and their rules and terms before using this website. Please refer to eBay and PayPal official websites for this purpose.



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